Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We are undergoing another round of Inspections again; I don't don't know who, nor do I care. It always creates a lot of wasteful nonsense in the hospital. This poem will tell it all.


Expired ECG Pads
Tell me about that?
Sterility guaranteed
A two year shelf-life
Just for measuring pitter-pat.

A package unopened
For more than two years,
What could go wrong?
Just what are their fears,
It was probably packaged
In a sterile factory some where,
This is like throwing away money
And they're not willing to share.

We live in a society
Where everything is expendable,
No matter how well it is made
And completely dependable,
So I suspect the Regulators
Of durable, medical goods,
Have a conflict of interest
And financial engagements,
With the Manufacturing hoods.

And it all comes to pass
During the times of inspection,
Expired goods are thrown away
Although sterile and under protection,
But Protocols and Policy, from Rules and regulations,
Tell us to bury it in a landfill, with no respect to conservation.

Money down the drain
Products purchased, are now just waste,
That's one heck of an economic policy
Administered in haste.


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