Monday, September 03, 2012

I suppose it happens a lot of places, although I'd never heard about it until I caught up with this particular employer. I have worked at many hospitals in the past 30 years, and most of them didn't ask their employees to stay home without pay. They will say that it's all about the budget..........but workers don't need to hear that; we just come to work to care for sick people. And no matter how fun, fulfilling, thrilling, "gee, everybody is fanastic", the workplace might be, if you send people home every week, I'd say that might be the #1 reason, that employee satisfaction scores are consistently rating low. Duh!

Another HC

Oh, SNAFU me
Another HC
This is no way to treat
A loyal worker,
Stay home without pay
And have a nice day,
This is fodder
For the closet berserker.

Some day, like a camel
Not sweet like Dorothy Hamill
The last straw will break the back
Of this creature,
Not knowing what's in store
This Berserker will roar,
Rage and anger expressed
What a feature!

"Going Postal", you'll remember
An inferno from an ember,
What's the trigger?
Perhaps, loss of wages?
Over and over again
Just stay home, if and when,
Horrific consequences -  (HC)
Someone rages.

This kind of employer
Creates a destroyer,
It can't win the best
Workplace, of the year,
Treat your employees like dirt
Don't pay them and they hurt,
Hospital convenience, they say
Oh, I sneer.

Yes, SNAFU me
I think I'll jump from a tree
With a rope 'round my neck
Because I'm broke,
When I was hired, they said "Honey
We'll pay you lots of money"
Then they keep me home, unpaid
What a joke!


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