Saturday, September 08, 2012

I revisit this topic regarding an idiotic Hospital policy regarding what things we are allowed to
have in our work area; the one that denies us Staff members from having any food or drink, when at the same time, we allow the public to eat and drink whatever they want. And yes, this is the very same shared room that I am talking about.

Though I understand that it is a result of some big muckety-muck JCAHO regulation, it clearly makes no sense, in the way that it is interpreted.

Yesterday, an Anesthesiologist was interviewing a patient for the upcoming heart surgery, and this doctor had brought along his own coffee from the cafeteria (safety top included). This coffee cup was perched on the counter, at our intake desk. Our Unit Manager walked in, and tossed the beverage into the trash. When the physician went to find his coffee, quite naturally he was peeved that somebody had ditched it. Contrast that to the patient's and their families, who walk in with beverages, and the fact that we feed them lunch and dinner, with hospital food, in this very same room.

And when Management, sort out their "DOC" surveys (a measure of Employee Satisfaction) is it any wonder why the peons aren't happy? I'm willing to bet it has something to do in the way that we are treated, n'est pas? (isn't it so? )

Zero Tolerance

Each time they institute
Zero-tolerance measures,
They stifle our goodness
And bury our treasures,
It fosters maladaptation
And promotes discontent,
Employee satisfaction?
Nonexistent; we dissent.


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