Thursday, September 13, 2012

He was just what we needed in our little unit; ICU, experienced, congenial, the clients loved his banter, but his expectations were too high. How high, you ask? Well, that's easy..........he just expected to come to work for three full days a week. And now he's leaving because he can't pay his bills..........Sister Euphemia calls that, Hospital Convenience.

The Gig Looked So Good

Your recent assignment
Was short and too brief,
Sometimes something so easy
Fails to bring us relief,
What with unforeseen factors
Clearly, not advertised,
Unfulfilled promises
No mercy?; not surprised!

Unfortunate, more so
Because the gig looked so good,
Just do what you love
And be all that you could,
Such a wonderful slogan
But somethings missing, I'm afraid,
When you do what you love
You expect to be paid.

Full-time, 72-hours
Promised on paper,
Until hospital convenience
Revises that caper,
Sending you home
With a kick to your colon,
Shortened hours and compensation
Your salary has been stolen.

Yes, Sister Euphemia
Runs a tight ship,
Watch out for her ruler
Because she won't take no lip,
Punishment to be reckoned
Meted out by each Captain,
Worse than any Blues
Sung by Eric Clapton.


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