Sunday, September 23, 2012

We had a fellow last week in to prep for an Ablation procedure. He said he was legally blind, and boisterously good humored, considering he had spend quite a few hours with us; he kept everyone around him laughing too. He also mentioned he was in AA and kept active with local meetings. I told him I'd write something for him, but I never had the chance to follow up.

Cool Sunglasses

I'm an AA blind man
I can no longer see what I'm drinking,
I have these cool sunglasses
People wonder what I'm thinking

I'm a boisterous guy
I make everyone laugh,
Making jokes all day long
To cheer up the staff

I'm legally blind
I don't drive anymore,
It's something of an obstacle
But not really a chore.

I have adjusted well
I use public transportation,
I don't worry any more
About driver education.

Before I stopped drinking
I had a really good excuse,
My stumbling around blindness
Hid my alcohol abuse.

But now that I'm on the wagon
I'm not qualified to drive,
I'll just have to get a pony
If I want to leave my hive.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Cool Sunglasses II

I'm the AA blind man
What have I got to lose?
My cane and my cool sunglasses
Wait a moment, let me choose.

I'm a blind free agent
I roam wherever I wish,
I carry a spoon and a fork
And my favorite dinner dish.

I can detect all the scents 
Of my favorite meal,
I tap with my cane
And go where I feel,
The safest right way
Through a shadowy path,
I might slip in my shower
But never my bath.

Legally blind
And I no longer drink,
Alcohol, that is
Or my neighbors raise a stink,
Apparently I bothered them
In drunken days, past,
Now I sip, lemon juleps
And raise my glass at half mast.

I'm an AA blind man
Everybody's best friend,
He who laughs last
Will be there in the end,
When I hang out with people
Why not make them happy too?
So, why not join my party
There's enough for me, and more for you.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Blind Man Pondering

Blind man, pondering the seat on the corner
If I sit there, will I look like Little Jack Horner?
There he was, counting his curds and whey
If I leave my hat on the sidewalk, what will I have at the end of the day?

No, although I may be blind, I'd rather be working
Pushing a broom; sweeper, or maybe soda jerking,
Although, that's old terminology, perhaps fifties and before
I'd rather be a blind-man with a job, than a panhandler making a score.

And I'm the AA blind man, so cut me some slack
I'm no beggar or panhandler, don't be making that attack,
I work and I'm accounted for, I pull my own weight
If you'll pay me some attention, let's go on a date.

Sure, I wear these cool sunglasses, they shield my eyes
I'm legally unseeing, I can only imagine the sunrise,
But as blind as I may be, I'm still a functional professional
A hell of a lot more secure, than that guy in that confessional.


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