Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dental Dana 3-4-5

Three more poems for the Dental Hygienist at the office. You can read #1 &; #2 further on down the page.

Dental Dana III

Dental Dana
She's the bomb,
Better looking
Than my mom,
Sweet, petite
And sassy, too,
What she's got
I want to chew.

Dental Dana
Her teeth are shiny,
They twinkle
And she's never whiny,
She never says
A naughty word,
But when she's mad
She flips the bird.

Dental Dana
Doesn't shop at Ross,
She makes her clothes
From dental floss,
My favorite
Hot pink mini-skirt,
She so damn fine
It makes me hurt.

Dental Dana
Has technique,
And I'm not talking
Tongue in cheek,
Amongst her peers
There's no compare,
She hides dental probes
In her beehive hair.

Wielding them like
A ninja warrior,
More imagination
Than Tom Sawyer,
And don't pester her
And cause distraction,
You'll be removed
Like your impaction.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dental Dana IV

That Dental Dana
She's one slick chick,
With her dead-eye aim
She'll nail you quick,
How she attacks your plaque
You won't forget,
Under her attention
You're like a teachers pet.

Dental Dana
How does she do it,
She can rip your plate off
And never unscrew it,
Which is oh-so painful
But, who gives a damn,
You'll say, "Dental Dana
Thank you, ma’am".

Dental Dana
She's top notch,
Till she dropped that drill
Upon my crotch,
The pain was terrible
The damage, plenty,
I said, if you'll do it again
I'll give you twenty.

Yes, pleasure and pain
It doesn't get any better,
That Dental Dana
She's a trend-setter.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dental Dana V

Dental Dana
She's hot stuff,
I can't seem to
Get enough,
And frankly, she is
Kind of a mystery,
Never answering questions
Regarding her history.

She whispers sweet nothings
When she pokes my incisor,
Meanwhile, I'm thinking
I want to surprise her,
A bauble or trinket
Some jewelry or jingles,
Perhaps a pound of milk chocolate
Or a truckload of Pringles.

Dental Dana
Has the touch,
A manual approach
With a double clutch,
When she stops to ask
Are you OK, mister?
Disturbing my dream
Where I just kissed her.

Dental Dana
What a delight,
I keep thinking about her
All day and all night,
The way she plies my gums
With her rubber tipped probes,
Gets me thinking about
What's under her robes.

Her sugar and slice
It comes with a price
And DD, she doesn't come cheap,
She offers so much
With her ultrasonic touch,
Before you know it, you're really in deep,
What a fine asset
Better than a basset
This office would be empty without you,
When you need a raise
I'll heap you with praise
Because baby, there's just something about you.


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