Wednesday, July 04, 2012

There is ringing in my ears. Sure, I understand it's all in my head. But since January this year, it has cranked up a bit. I rate it a "6" on a scale of "10". I think it was running about a four, up till this year. About the only time it is neutralized, is when I am near running water, like a river or a shower. Using Melatonin at night, helps me go to sleep. According to my ENT doctor, it's an almost inevitable part of aging. Irregardless the cause, I believe an antidote or negating effect will be discovered..............but how soon?

The Ringing

There's no way of knowing
What causes the ringing,
A symphony of frequency
In my head, singing,
More on the left?
Though I'm really not sure,
We've put men on the moon
But for this, there's no cure.

Screw the research for Cancer
For the breast and the brain,
Forget about Ataxia
And neurogenic pain,
Let's look and listen to Tinnitus
The sound of the silence,
Before the noise in my head
Doth lead me to violence.

Blame it on amplified music
I could,
Exposure to noises
Like the sawing of wood,
Age related hearing loss
I don't want to get old;
A thousand internet remedies
Just waiting to be sold.

Acoustic neuroma
An MRI will tell,
Malformation, oh hell,
Tortuous carotids
Or plain old hypertension,
Various medications
Too many to mention.

Caucasian men
With PTSD,
Over sixty-five
Are you listening to me?
Looking forward to fatigue
Sleep problems and stress,
Memory issues and depression
Anxiety and duress.

Or, maybe the ringing in my ears
Is the hypersonic voice of God,
I can write a book about that
Irregardless the intrinsic fraud,
Dr. Fill and Dopah Windtree
Might invite me to their shows,
They can say whatever they want
I won't hear it, that's how it goes.

There's just no way of knowing
What causes the ringing,
I don't want it or need it
I assure you I'm not clinging,
To this irritating syndrome
The noises in my head,
Finding a cure would be wonderful
Hopefully, before I'm dead.


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