Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Going to Mandatory Education classes is always such an inspirational exercise for me. I sit in class and write poetic observations, which essentially, is my way of doodling to stay awake.

Blood Sugar Training

Blood sugar training
Isn't this sweet,
To the way we eat,
Pills, potions and injections
To ameliorate,
Those unwanted complications
Affecting our fate.

Need to solve a problem?
Give them a Power-Plan,
The best, latest cure
For the modern man;
But Power-Plan solutions
Are just hot topic noodling,
Providing endless inspiration
For my creative doodling,

Best-practice ideas
Are just practice, and that's the kick,
These will change in five years
When these ideas, make you sick.

Nutritional Insulin
Sounds like it's part of a meal,
I'll take two units of regular
With my smoked banana peel,
Added to my five units of Basal
With my bangers and mash,
It's the latest accessory
For your Diabetic stash.

It's just the same old stuff
Like new, retrofitted,
We'll let the jury decide
Guilty, or acquitted,
When we tally the statistics
And cinch up the sutures,
Did we save lives or kill more
Five years in the future.


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