Saturday, June 09, 2012

Dental Dana 1

Dental Dana

Dental Dana
She has the touch,
The way she pokes my gums
Is just, too much,
In fact, I'm willing
To endure that pain,
Because her strokes are better
Than Novocaine.

Dental Dana
Can handle my condition,
She knows just what to do
To conquer inhibition,
Whether flossing or polishing
Or scraping on my teeth,
No matter what's on the surface
She knows what lies beneath.

She manipulates her tools
And rinses my gums,
There is no idle chatter
Like the rest of her chums,
And when she turns on the vacuum
To suck up my spit,
Lordy, I get a rush
I don't want her to quit.

That darling Dental Dana
She's the one for me,
Do you think if I propose
I can have dental care for free?


Dental Dana II

Dental Dana
Didn't do me
The last time I was there,
Was she embarrassed
With my writings
Or maybe she don't care,
Too much about my feelings
She only loves my gums,
She probably knows
That when I see her,
I envision
Juicy wild plums.

Dental Dana, what a delight
She brings pleasure, where once was affliction,
I wonder if she will do house calls
And satisfy my Dental addiction.


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