Tuesday, May 22, 2012

At work we have a myriad of cabinets, but really, not enough. Several cabinets full of bins, where Central Supply personnel are supposed to keep us stocked with all the disposable stuff that we need. 

For a few weeks, we have been running out of supplies over and over, and we just couldn’t figure it out. The Tech would come by, use his barcode reader on the supply bins, and leave. It turns out, the labels on the bins had barcodes, but the device had been programmed to something entirely different, and thus, we were not resupplied at all. They were probably happy down in the Supply department, because we required fewer deliveries. I suspect a conspiracy of cost-cutting measures going on.

Bed Sheets and Pencils

We ain't got nothin'
Of anything today,
No decent supplies
For a comfortable stay,
No linens in the closet
No bed sheets on the gurneys,
God forbid, let’s do no procedures
On the slip-and-fall Attorneys.

The pens and the pencils
The erasers and the papers,
If this goes on much longer
We will all be sniffing the vapors,
And speaking of relief
Our food and water has been removed,
Just who is running this shop?
Who allowed all of this to be approved?

Well, I’m not worried
We have a new building going up,
We are led to believe
It’s going to be one sweet cup,
Overflowing with amenities
Flowers and pictures
And walls painted with stencils,
And we’ll still be short on linen
Papers and erasers
Bed sheets and pencils.


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