Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why reprint old stuff? Just to prove that history keeps repeating over and over. The same old problems are just repackaged, and let’s see if anyone notices. It’s fun to say mercy and dignity, all in one breath, and then whoops and oops, you lost your job. Hmmph.

You Can’t See Your Victims

We’re not laying off
We’re just redistributing,
You can’t see your victims
In a drive-by shooting,
We have an abundance of projects
In a construction based facility;
Victimized by seniority
And not by ability.

Budgetary cuts
In lean fiscal years,
Administrative decisions
Fulfill common fears,
Hysterical restructuring
In an arena of fright,
Cut the ranks, save the salaries
Relinquish the light.

Apologies abound
In administrative meetings,
“We did what we could
Now, please take your beatings”,
A community leader?
Clearly setting the tone,
Denying the basic tenet
“Take care of your own”.


** See what I mean?...............nothing has changed. Of course, back then I was working at the big house, and now it's another ship in the storm.

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