Friday, April 13, 2012

I work in a great place, but a patient visit/encounter, can be quite taxing to that individual. We have them come in two to three hours in advance, so we can start the IV, send the Labs, sort the Documentation, verify the Doctors entries are up to date, and so on. But we have no way to predict how many drop in emergencies, or equipment breakdowns, or know-shows, or a procedure lasted three times as long as expected, and so on. These hungry, anxious, waiting people, get bored, and more, hungry, anxious, and then angry, when they find themselves in a seemingly perpetual holding pattern.
That's what I don't like.

We Are the Levers

The waiting
That’s the toughest part of this job,
We hurry up to get our clients ready,
And then we all stand around
Like an unemployed slob,
Looking for the Doctors; Tom, Dick and Freddy.

Here’s a typical dilemma

An over-rated disaster,
My patient got here on time
Why can’t you go faster?”
But we’re just pawns on the chessboard
Of Cardiac endeavors,
They are the fulcrums
And we are the levers.



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