Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A bit of a ramble here, but often, I just go where the good rhymes take me.

Secret of Excellence

All Managers desire
Conformity and compliance,
That's why they have the MBA
With their Bachelor's of Science,
And that's why I can not
Do that sort of thing,
I have acquired my education
Like a coffee-shop fling.

I dropped out of college
And then, attended seven more,
I didn't get scholarships
I chose the lower cost door,
But my secret of excellence
Lies in my ongoing search,
To consume vast stores of knowledge
Like some orthodox church.

I'm an incognito manager
A multitasking scholar,
I can clean up a problem
And take a disaster by the collar,
In the midst of a tempest
During an earthquake hurricane,
That is Nursing in a nutshell
Through hail, sleet and rain.


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