Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm currently compiling old writings into a cohesive shape, for publishing, and what not. Along the way, I have unearthed some gems. I like this one, because it summarizes the feeling a nurse has after a wild night in a University Trauma Emergency Department. Yes folks, even in sleepy Sacramento, we have blood, guns and gore. And heck, this was back in the bygone days, of the gay 90's.

Nightmare on Stockton Street

It was a nightmare on Stockton Street
I heard a thousand marching feet,
I saw the blood, the guns and gore
And it was only eight forty-four;

The patients came in groups of five
And half were barely still alive,
The remaining few were very brave
Though most had one foot in the grave,
They spilled their guts upon our floor
And it was only, ten forty-four.

The setting sun, it spelled our doom
It was a blood bath here, from room to room,
We began to feel the Lunar pull
'Twas no surprise, the moon was full,
Down on my knees, I prayed, “no more”
Because it was just, twelve forty-four.

Loose body parts were tossed aside
Later, we would have them fried,
My ears were ringing from the screams
This night was worse, than my worst dreams,
Please help me find the exit door
Yes, now it's almost ten-to-four.

This massacre, is finally through
I'm up to my elbows in bloody goo,
And management has the gall to say
Why don't you work a double today?


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