Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm not really picking on anyone in particular, but our success in health-care, does rely on a steady stream of sick and diseased people. And many of us are a part of that screwy, socioeconomic moniker, currently identified as the “1%”. In fact, I would wager that for the most part, when one of the “99%” finds themselves in the hospital, it's a “1% - er” saving their butt. How ironic is that?

Prima Donna and Loving It

We preach preventive medicine
And good life-style choice,
But, surgeries and disease
Bought my Ferrari
And your Rolls-Royce.

You see, after years of study
Toil and sweat,
I welcome your diseases
It helps pay off my debt.

But don't be thinking that I'm greedy
Why, I deserve every perk,
I've worked harder and longer
Than your average jerk,
Showcasing all the facets of
Of my prima-donna existence,
So, bring your diseases to me
And we'll both go the distance.


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