Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is so sad, let the poem speak for itself. It's true, and it was only yesterday.

MJ Trumps Life

Michael Jackson's power
Revealed, I''ll show the truth,
A decadent influence
Of all ages, not just youth;
I will tell you about this
So-called, Michael Jackson Immortal,
Wife of Cardiac patient
At deaths-door portal.

Husband, renal transplant
Just three years ago,
Hypertension, Diabetes
And CVA times four,
Chest pain and short of breath
Today, M-I ruled in,
But MJ Immortal?
Tickets for wife, that's her sin.

I have an appointment
She alluded to me,
Cardiologist, stopped by
I have tickets, you see,
I'll call in the morning
I trust your professional hand,
It's Michael Jackson Immortal
I'm sure you understand.

Cirque de Soleil
We can't blame them, for sure,
It's Michael Jackson Immortal
And he's way past a cure,
But he influenced so many
And they behave like the crazies,
MJ is long dead
And he's pushing up daisies.

Mr. CVA, M-I, Diabetes
He's screwed,
His wife thinks Michael Jackson
Is her number-one dude.


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