Friday, January 13, 2012

Really, I'm proud of my ICU heritage, the good reputation that goes along with it, and so on. I don't jump in front of speeding bullets, but rather, I just reach out and grab them.................slow them down, hum a catchy tune, and we have a Latte' together, before readjusting our viewpoint on who the target really is.

Plenty of stress and angst are expelled, but at the end of the party, the dust settles, and Joe-Bob dances off into the sunset ith his best lady.

And here is the reason why:

Statute 57

I'm going to do things for you
That other's won't do,
When they are complaining
About Rule Forty-two,
Of the 54th Congress
And Statute 57,
I'll be saving your shirt
In EP eleven.

But don't come to me
About productivity,
I don't give a rats ass
'Cause that just isn't me,
Particularly when
I saved your shirt on One/13,
You do the billing, and
I'll keep it clean.


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