Thursday, January 26, 2012

I don't like getting sick. Sure, paid sick-time is good, but it does put a burden on the crew at work, and I should be able to stay healthy, right? But the viral community / army, thinks otherwise. It seems like I'm nailed each year, with some atomic-sized particle, that my immune system doesn't recognize, and about one hour later, I've been ambushed, and then spend the next 7 days, in abject misery. Hows that for the easiest downfall of the most advanced species? Pathetic.

Buffalo Clover

Finally, I acquired my first infection
At my latest job,
What can I say, it's the season
For the free flying, viral blob,
It's so difficult to dodge
An invisible and tasteless microbe,
Thus, it is freely distributed
Around our city and the globe.

Was I careless
With my hand-washing habits,
Hard to say with a virus
That multiplies like rabbits,
I wash several times a day
And several times hourly with the wipes,
And who knows, maybe it was airborne
So hard to avoid that; holy cripes!

Was it a coworker or patient
The Echo-tech or coffee-server,
Was it the computer mouse
Or just a casual observer,
Dropping by
For laughs and diversion,
Whatever it was
I suffered viral conversion.

It surely wasn't spiritual
I didn't see the light,
But there were four days
When I nearly coughed all night,
A seven day trip of misery
I suppose I escaped unharmed,
Not like I was blessed
But rather, just charmed.

Infection number one
I'm glad it's over,
I did score some tasty cough syrup
It's better than buffalo clover.


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