Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am thrilled when I learn something new, and when it happens at work, perhaps I'll perform at a higher level tomorrow; at least that sounds good, right? But when that "teaching moment" is delivered by Dr. X, and he is renowned for his arrogant persona of superiority, well, it feels more like the sting of a wasp. And even moreso, because I didn't learn anything; it was old news.

Good Learnin'

Unexpected outcomes
Do arise,
Awarded to me
Like a secret surprise,
Not because of carelessness
Or lack of attention,
No, it's like a betting game
At a gamblers convention.

Dr. S said
A teaching moment, this is,
Perhaps he'll come back later
And hit me up with a quiz,
But I was thinking, honestly
He was prob'ly still in prep school,
When I pulled that first sheath
Twenty years ago, fool.

Well, yes sir, I'm open
To good learnin', if you will,
But cut me some slack
And don't send me a bill.


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