Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Almost every day, there will be a period of several hours, where all hell breaks loose. There will be too many patients, that need to be prepared for procedures, and we will be temporarily short on staff members. It is a stressful part of the job, because we are trying to make this journey-in-a-day, as comfortable as we can, for those people we are serving. It is the nature of our business, and it involves crucial resources.

Crucial Resources

This is a real-time journal
Written soon after,
The raccoons and the bats
Took residence in the rafters,
At least, that's how it seems
Some days in this church,
When we're short on crucial resources
Way out here on our perch.

Ours is not a job
Of bright lights and glitter,
I prefer a shotgun
To get rid of those critters.


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