Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's wonderful knowing everything, but don't be a fool, knowing isn't loving. What do I mean? Enjoying all the various tasks that one knows about, is the kicker. We all have favorite things that we enjoy doing, some of those that we excel at, and a few others that we suck at. If you're my manager, and you know I'm not so good at something, that I hate doing it, and it's very likely that I won't get through it, without screwing the pooch somewhere, why give me that assignment? The person following me is just going to get angry, that once again, I screwed up on this "not so difficult" task. Why throw me into that black hole in the first place?

Black Hole

Why I don't like
One particular job,
You must be neat and exacting
But I am a slob.

I can't seem to keep track
Of all the finicky parts,
The nuances and particulars
Where it ends and where it starts.

I become anxious and distraught
And I lose all control,
What should take two or three hours
Becomes a timeless black hole.

My chance of screwing up?
If you're a betting man, odds are good,
But that raises the question, dear Leader
Why not assign it to someone who could,
Just breeze through it dandy and efficient
There are several who work at our station,
I'm not trying to dodge, but rather support
No mistakes, for that big operation.

I'm accustomed to procedures, fast-paced situations
Quick assessment of resources and need,
I like doing different stuff, all the day long
If it's a hemorrhage, I'll help stop the bleed,
But give me a task, with a 50 step checklist
That must be done, an exact, certain way,
I guarantee, Boss, that will be your mistake
It will seem like it takes me all day.

From a management side, I get the point
Everyone should know everything,
But let's be honest, we all have our talents
I can chant, but I surely can't sing,
And they know damn well I will jump in the fire
When others are running for the door,
I'm willing to be here, any time, day, or hour
Just don't assign this particular chore.


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