Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The term, "evidence-based" always bugs me. It is supposed to be so cutting-edge. But that's this year; what about 5 years from now, when we debunk the whole thing? When there is new evidence, that we were just running around in circles (as usual)? I guess after we implement, nobody will give a rat's ass anyways. Well, out in the hayfield, there is always room for just one more.................

Sacred Cow

I could have written more
And maybe I will,
Could you get me some water
To swallow that pill?

You see, I'm feeling kind of dry
Parched mind, and not enough to think,
Just get me a glass of water
And give me some time to drink.

There is a lot to be said
And in time, I will say it,
I'll write the usual words
Like a dragon, I will slay it.

Retrospective analysis
Why, that's our bread and butter,
You know, I get all excited
Evidence-based, set's my heart a'flutter,
Then we can all run around
Thumping our chests, stomping our feet,
When we proclaim, we're “evidenced-based”
Why, good golly, that's so neat.

But don't inquire too much
About what we did before,
Why in the hell we did things, that way
How come, we chose the crooked door,
And then again, ten years in the future
When again, we look back to now,
What we think is evidence-based
Will be just another sacred cow.

By golly, I did write more
As if I was appointed, yay, it was my duty,
Now, if you love that evidenced-based stuff
Come on down, and shake your booty.


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