Tuesday, May 03, 2011


My nightmare came true
During that 12-hour shift,
I had a one-to-one patient
Plus two others, get my drift?

My dream came to life
On that 12-hour trip,
I was a desperate crewman
On my own sinking ship.

No, I couldn't do the things
That needed to be done,
I couldn't load the bullets
Into my gun.

I couldn't shoot the captain
Of this crazy ship of fools,
Because our leader was missing
Having broken all the rules.

I couldn't do my duties
That needed to be done,
But nobody died
So I guess, somebody won.


(* It's a recurring nightmare that I've had for years, where I've “forgotten” a patient for an entire shift.I'm sure it is a symptom of work-related PTSD, but still, to act it out in reality, is disconcerting).

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