Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It speaks for itself:

PoGlobin Index

An anomaly last night
Caught my ever-sharp attention,
There were laboratory values
That deserved a special mention,
The potassium was high
And the hemoglobin low,
In fact, their numbers matched
I saw the light, and it did glow!

A new prognostic indicator
Struck me on the head,
When the “K” and Hemoglobin match
You might soon be dead,
In the telling, what the value read
Was a gentle seven-point-two,
But those of us, who know the stuff
See the Reaper, coming for you.

Values incompatible
Organ systems halt,
Prognostic probes and platitudes
Propose a deep gestalt,
Code-status lurks beneath the waves
With nurses standing by,
Will we flail another suffering horse
Or wave a fond goodbye?

The new PoGlobin Index
Could revolutionize our field,
Retrospective analyticals
Would have a tool, that they could wield,
In the ever growing science
Of hindsight recognition,
PoGlobin Index data
Would be like gold to statisticians.

I am sure my future practice
Critical-this, and that beyond,
Whether here in good old USA
Or there, across the pond,
Will build upon this moment
Of genius in the rough,
PoGlobin Index was my baby
Building my fortune and that's enough.


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