Friday, May 13, 2011

By and large (sometimes, very large) here in the nation of California, we are generally, a baby-boomer nurse constituency. So what happens around the proverbial water cooler? Yes of course, we talk about our own aches, pains, disorders, changing shapes and so on. And just like our patient population, we would all benefit if we could only improve our choices of food. Anyway, that's my diagnosis.


When Diverticulosis
Becomes Diverticulitis,
You'll know your diagnosis
Has become a diagnitis.

Your doctor advises
Take no nut,
Because they won't exit
Out your butt,
Instead they'll fester
In your gut.

Sage advice
One would think,
That's nuts and bolts
And the kitchen sink,
Don't be chewing
On that chunky stuff,
Your gut will protest
And scream, “Enough!”

Pain will ensue
And you'll visit your doctor,
He'll advise colonoscopy
With a GI proctor,
Inviting all sorts of
Differential diagnoses,
Scaring the crap out of you
With your diverticuloses.

Get a clue now
And change your diet,
But if you don't want to
Please keep quiet.


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