Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I read recently that we actually have five layers of bacteria on our skin. Some of them are ok, I guess. Who knows? But even when we wash our hands, shower, exfoliate, etc.......just 24 hours later, all those critters just reproduce all over again. And to top it off, my bacteria are unique to me. Even if you should rub a few of your bacteria on me....hmmmm........they'll probably get the boot anyway from my bacteria......'cause they don't belong on my side of the tracks.

A Million Popes

Five layers of bacteria
Upon my skin,
More than I thought
And microscopically thin,
When washing my hands
I might only lose one level,
Twenty-four hours from now
I'll be the same old dirty devil.

Most bacteria are my friends
Though some are deadly foes,
Others are just plain ugly
Just take a look at my toes,
But possibly those are fungi
But not like Joey at the bar,
Knocking down three Heineken
And crashing in his car.

Five layers deep
Bacteria on my skin,
There's a microscopic ocean
That we're all swimming in,
Forget those sterile wipes
And all those silly soaps,
They're no better than the blessings
From a million Popes.