Friday, January 07, 2011

I am quite impressed with two articles in the October and November issues of "National Nurse" the Voice of National Nurses United. The two articles addressed that ridiculous "Scripting and Rounding" that has been shoved down the throats of nurses nationwide, by hospital administrators. If you are uncertain what I am talking about go to the following link:

I have been writing about this crap for a couple of years lately, but I am only becoming further incensed with this nonsense. So I'm starting off the New Year with my latest rant:


We're threatened with HIPPA violations
We're laden with boatloads of rules,
I'm the nurse for two 500 pound patients, and
Administration is stealing our tools.

They disbanded the guys on the lift-teams
A cost effective measure they claim,
Now daily they're stealing our break-nurse
High-census, low-staffing they blame.

Administrators attacking any overtime
That occurs daily in every ICU,
I'd wager, that not one of those bosses
Could accomplish, even half, that we do.

Don't write any incriminating emails
Don't post on any internet sites,
If you do you'll be sued and delicensed
And denied every one of your rights.

With scripting and rounding we're programmed
By the little tin soldiers upstairs,
The hell with our critical thinking
It's driven by money, who cares?,
The Medicare-Medicaid gorilla
Threatens hospitals with financial extortion,
No longer are outcomes important
The scales shift to the satisfaction proportion.

Pushed to the edge of the precipice
Perhaps it's time for the young to step in,
They are faster than me on the computer
And not tainted as I am with sin,
Their bullshit intolerance capacitors
Are so new, they're just out of the box,
We old veterans should hang up our gloves
And send the bosses our sweaty old socks.


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