Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why haven't I written for almost two months?


I injured my arm
But I wasn't bitten,
So that doesn't explain
Why I haven't written,
In over a month
In this Nursing journal,
I can blame my trauma
On that hundred-liter urinal.

I busted my bicep
A strain in my arm,
The patient was OK
'Twas the nurse who had harm,
Now I'm in recovery
It's a twelve-step regime,
With my own Physical Trainer
She's so hot, I could scream.

No, unfortunately, I'm joking
This isn't 24 Hour Fitness,
These Trainers are pit-bulls
As god is my witness,
And returning to work
Will be a welcome event,
They're prepared to release me
When I apologize and repent.

I was damaged
(Some would say, long ago),
But the future is hopeful
I'm letting you all know,
My advice, for those considering
Having an injury, too?
Make sure it happens on the job
So Workmans' Comp works for you.


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