Sunday, July 25, 2010

You know it's organizational when the attack of the acronyms is underway. Here's just a sampling:

It’s 2010 and we have been informed about the following program (guided by the Guru’s of Pharmacy):
M. E. R. P. – Medication Error Reduction Plan

Now, other Departments want to jump on the acronym bandwagon too. Thus, consider the following other M.E.R.P. renditions:

H.R. Employee Benefits: Mandatory Employee Rest Period

Finance: Miscellaneous Expenses Rarely Paid

Respiratory Therapy: Mucus Extraction Raunchingly Putrid

Dietary: Meal Enjoyment Rendered Promising

Physical Therapy: Manipulating Extremities Really Painful

Cashier: Money Extraction Realized Profit

Neuro-Surgery: Mental Excavation Risky Proposition

The folks in the G.I. Lab figured they should have a B.E.R.P………….
Barium Enema Rectal Pain

No doubt the rest of the hospital will soon follow suit!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Did you ever use the Nerve-stimulator for testing the "Train-of-four", in respect to the use of neuromuscular blockade agents?

The latest teaching tool at work prompted me to think hard upon this topic.


Hanging on the wall at work
We have a brand new poster,
It describes the nerve-stim test device
And it works just like a toaster.

It runs on 9-volt batteries
And you clip it to the skin,
Then turn it up to level-eight
And take it for a spin.

One twitch of yonder finger
Is a hit, but you want more,
Double up the milliamps
And tally up the score.

It's fun to use at parties
To check intoxication,
Or a prod to wake up Nurses
When they're sleeping at the station.

And also recommended
By the manufacturer,
For the dysfunctional erection
It promises a cure.

With the nerve-stim applicator
Success is a guarantee,
Promotions will come easy
Zap the boss, and he'll agree.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm on a memo theme...........because we are inundated with them in our workplace. Here's the latest rant.

Crispy Paper

A remarkable notation
Of a memo, just last week,
Was released before officials
Had authorized a peek,
Regarding tons of wasted paper
Found by stealth and bold intent,
Enough reams of stored reminders
To cover the walls of a circus tent.

Agenda's on a rampage
A diarrhea of dispatches,
All that crispy paper
And I forgot my matches,
It's a travesty of a sham
A plethora of waste,
Hell, if this was a 5-Star restaurant
Then baby! We've got the taste!

Every month a Doctor Roster
Is posted on the wall,
So we can spot a bold impostor
And exactly, who'd we call,
It's the nature of our business
Where deceivers in our ranks,
Are selling fancy cures and potions
And collecting all the thanks.

But that Doctor-Roster, who's the impostor?
Is also posted to the computer,
If we had their monthly photo's
We would know if we should shoot her,
Because it's easier to match a face
Compared to names with vowels and letters,
Imagine a crowd of Beagles
And amidst the group: an Irish-Setter.

We could save those reams of paper
To pass it on to our CEO,
He could use it to print more money
To bankroll this golden show,
Replace the wallpaper with moving video
And save some blessed trees,
And with a handshake and his smile
Collect some tidy kickback fees.

I'm expecting some of that chump-change
After all, it was my brainiac flash,
And I know there's factual evidence
Our CEO has lots of cash,
Buried, in deep pockets
Of the man who would be King,
I'll share it with my team-mates
And you'll hear our hallways sing;

"Oh, it's wonderful to be here
Just twelve-hours at the most,
Don't clock in any overtime
(That's according, to our host),
Keyboard-stroke those digital documents
Till carpal-tunnel cramps your style,
Then punch that waiting time-clock
And join the rank-and-file."

There will be raucous celebrations
When we rip them from the walls,
The last memo's of the millennium!
And dancing in the halls.


Friday, July 09, 2010

Our Staff-Restrooms and our break-room are becoming plastered with memo's, reminders, administrative directives, notes from the CEO, etc., ad nauseum. There is no haven of repose anywhere in our unit. This is an outrageous case of invasion of privacy, and I'm fighting back!

Memo's Forever

Memo this
Reminder that,
Document new stuff
In fifteen seconds flat,
Over and a'over
And let's do it again,
Have no doubt, there's always more
Don't ask why, nor query, when?

Memo this
For recording that,
The charts became thinner
But they're digitally fat,
Layers upon layers
Of drop-dead menu's,
The Ad-Hoc dominion
Is like a Grand-Central venue.

Memo's forever
In the throne-room on the walls,
You can count on stuff to read
When Mother-Nature calls,
Worry not about the dilemma
If the toilet paper was swiped,
Just grab the latest memo
Or a couple, and you'll be wiped.

Memo's on a rampage
We're still killing trees,
The paper chart is history
With memo's flapping in the breeze,
It's just a game of substitution
We're still cranking out the copies,
And don't imagine that it's safer
It's on the hard-disc and the floppies.

Memo this
There is no purity,
PHI is found on Google
It's a joke, our famed security,
Despite threats of wagered fines
Financial damages and the like,
Take a note, it's the 21st century
Cracking the code, is like riding a bike.

So read the memos, take your notes
Tell your family, friends and neighbors,
We swear to honor your secrets;
But we're rattling hollow sabers.

Read the reminders, scribe the details
Every day there's something new,
And for fun, describe our memo's
When you float to ICU.