Thursday, April 08, 2010

Maybe because it is Springtime and allergies are in full bloom out here in the Golden State, that I was once again inspired to write one of those slimy, adolescent anthems.

Be what it may, I have a special talent for making rhymes of the grossest things.

Yes, I think I will read it at dinner, sometime this week.

Slimers on Wheat

After working with snot
With mucus, and phlegm,
You can easily tell the difference
Between a rock and a gem,
It is similar to the contrast
Comparing slime and a booger,
One is like Nutrasweet
And the other, pure sugar.

At our delicatessen
Called the Slime Sucking Snorter,
Our favorites menu
Tends to be shorter,
Than those jolly good offerings
At Billy-Bobs Booger,
Because we specialize in flavor
Without all the sugar.

We're open twenty-four hours
You can come day or night,
Get a beverage and pretzels
While we cook up a bite,
Of your favorite entree'
Perhaps “Slimers on Wheat”,
With a side dish of loogies
It's way better than meat.


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