Tuesday, March 09, 2010

There is a flier on the wall, indicating that the good Doctor D. would soon be performing some cutting edge surgeries. I was wondering if that meant, that only some of his surgeries are cutting-edge, and then he has another side, where he performs say, some blunt dissection surgeries too. It's that word some, that is throwing me off.

So naturally, I had to write "Cutting Edge".


Some of his surgeries are cutting-edge
While others are strictly smash and grab,
Historically, a few are just a nip, tuck and slice
For the removal of moles, scars and flab.

Cutting-edge surgery, is the name of the game
Blunt dissection, is a thing of the past,
With the help of a couple of robotic arms
Good golly, Miss Molly, he's fast.

Hardly anyone bleeds more than one pint of blood
He cauterizes with the light of a laser,
And if you complain, about your half-missing brain
Watch out, he is packing a phaser.

He's a cutting edge surgeon, with the sharpest of edges
He acquires his knives, by the crate,
Don't wiggle or squirm, he might cut off your worm
He'll declare, it's your cutting-edge fate.


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Climbergirl said...

Here, Here! Excellent commentary on the vague nature of the English Language. Funny stuff!