Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The story tells itself.

Dubious Science

I'll gladly be a trumpeter of evidence based practice
But come on baby, light my fire, it has to make sense,
If you show me statistics, and meaningful methods
I'll jump on your bandwagon, and gladly play defense;

But show me a policy, with the most dubious science
Like stopping the tube feed, when I lower the bed-head,
There's no single iota of technical value
Unless you're smoking some reefer, with Jerry the deadhead;.

A tube-feed that is running, at even 60 mils per hour
Is only dripping, at one mil per minute,
How will that alter the outcome of head-down
This policy has no sense within it;

Let's say, we laid him down, for 10 minutes of bath
That's tube-feed times ten mils, that we added to his gut,
There's no kind of physics, to predict any peril
Except to those of us standing, at the back porch of his butt;

The aspiration risk, to Snoopy Dupe Jones
Has nothing to do with a dripper,
This is dubious science to the maximum mondo
It reminds me of reruns of "Flipper".

On one hand we practice, some hot-damn good science
While in our books we brag about more,
If the policy date, is more than 10 years late
I don't advise that you bet on the score.


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