Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Young, large, seemingly getting along ok. He holds a job, still lives at home, drives a car. What could go wrong? It's not unusual to have Otitis Media, but an abscess in the neck, can cause swelling and compromise the airway of just about anyone. However, if one weighs close to 500 pounds, the potential sequelae of an invasive infection, well that's quite another story, indeed.

500 Pounds

500 pounds
With an infection in his neck,
It swelled his airway
And what the heck,
He couldn't breathe
And all hell broke loose,
Now he has a trach in his throat
And his bowels are loose.

500 pounds
27 years of age,
His weight is a shackle
In the obesity cage,
He thought a simple ear ache
Was just a bother, with some pain,
Now with respiratory failure
He might be easily slain.

500 pounds
His skin is wearing thin,
Septic emboli and toxic shock
He's rotting deep within,
His gut is sloughing out
Drained with a tube and bag,
His family hang by the bedside
Waving their hopeful flag.

500 pounds
It's a horror and a curse,
It's a premature invitation
For transport in a hearse,
Not a typical expectation
For one so young and in their prime,
Trapped by morbid obesity
Is the sentence, to the crime.


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