Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The world is so weird, that I have an endless supply of ideas to tap into. Take the story I read that was posted in the newspaper, "Telegraph" from the U.K. The writer reported how in China, there are unscrupulous vendors who are marketing a diet pill, that actually contains viable eggs of the Ascaris Tapeworm. Well, hot damn! I guess that will cause you to lose weight......among other things, especially when one understands that they can produce 200,000 eggs per day. Yowza! That's gross.In fact, it makes me squirm.

It Makes Me Squirm

Because it's in China
It's the reason I believe,
I've heard they'll eat most anything
What an accomplishment to achieve

Yet, despite this foreknowledge
These things that I learned,
I'd think there'd be limitations
That even Chinese, would have spurned.

So imagine my surprise
That turned to horror
When I read it,
There's a brand new crazy supplement
You can buy with cash or credit,
To assist the overeater
Shed those pounds
They need some help,
After failing with the Exlax
The Colace and the Kelp,
The concept, the idea
It really makes me squirm,
What kind of crazy dieter
Would swallow a worm.

A tapeworm at that
The Ascaris parasite,
They lay a hundred thousand eggs
Every day and night,
But don't worry, it's safe
If it's on the Internet,
Guaranteed truth in advertising
Are you willing to take the bet?

The Ascaris tapeworm diet pill
Is a winner, there's no doubt,
Don't believe the medical experts
They don't carry any clout,
And don't worry about nasty side effects
The worms are always pure,
Infestation is the way to go
It's the latest obesity cure.


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