Sunday, February 21, 2010

Times have changed over my career. (30 years)

There was a day when one might work in a "pure" Cardiac unit, where one saw primarily persons with just Myocardial Infarcts, Heart Failure, etc., and their various treatments. Now, those places are few and far between. Sure, the patients had other problems, but most just dropped in for 2 or 3 days, to receive treatment, for just their heart problem. Thus, all the nurses in the unit became Cardiac experts over time. Fast forward to now, with people living longer, getting more health problems over the years, with a greater degree of complexity, and we critical-care nurses, must become near-experts in whole-body medicine.

Essentially, what I described above, undoubtedly represents the maturing of the nurse-individual over a long career. I guess I share that distinction, yet I remain highly interested in the diseases, therapies and arrhythmia's of the heart; that's what I bring to the table. Luckily, I work with many other highly educated and vastly experienced nurses, and together we form a powerful force of good, for the patients that we care for.

But still, I poke a finger at us and try to make it funny.............go figure?!?

The Battle Of The Brady's

'Twas the battle of the Brady's
Jousting in the corral,
Was it caused by poisoned water
Like the famous Love Canal?

Were they age-related impulses
Unclear just how to work it?
Or knotted myofibrils
In the conduction system circuit?

Was the SA node too sickly
Or the AV node too slow,
Were the atrial motor pathways
On the stop and not the go?

Well, I opened up a chart or two
And discovered other answers,
There was a Digitalis suicide
And the other, a heroin dancer.

He was a boyish seventy-fiver
She, an ancient forty-sixer,
She'd mix heroin, cocaine and crank
Thrown together in her KitchenAid mixer.

He was despondent and lonely
His investments had gone down the drain,
So, why not take thirty Digoxin
And say "Goodbye, bon voyage", to his pain?

Now parked in a critical-care place
Where cardiac experts are few,
It's ho-hum when the heart-rate hits thirty
Quite frankly it interferes with the view,
Of Bobby-Joe showing his photo's
On Facebook, Picasa and Flickr,
"Oh look now, there's Bobby-Sue's baby"
And the local chums, giggle and snicker.

But here in the 21st century
We juggle mysteries like the jesters of old,
Knowing that illusions are paramount
For selling the goods in the hold,
We manage such multitudes of misery
Looking like mavens of medicine,
Caffeinated nurses got it covered;
We'd be the envy of good Thomas Edison.

Hence, the battle of the Brady's and Boomers
Neck and neck, at the end of the night,
The Brady's were beating at twenty
While the Boomers were ready for flight.


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