Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There is a job opening, and I figured, better to hire the local guy who knows the ropes. Too bad, I can't tie a decent knot.


I was interviewed
And it was good
Like any righteous grilling should,
By, just the Boss,
I had prepared myself
With mental floss.

It took place
In the hospital venue,
And followed the tried and true
Interview menu,
To pose ten questions
About this and that,
To find out where
My head is at.

To ascertain
My sanity,
Did I seek the position
For vanity?
Do I want to rule
With an iron hand?,
And will I do
What the boss has planned?

All in all
I think it went well,
Like a well cooked pot-roast
With that barbecue smell,
And now I must wait
On bended knee,
Wondering, "Who will be chosen
That other guy or me"?


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