Friday, February 12, 2010

Am I a Nurse or a Waiter / Waitress? Last night it seemed like I was a Waiter, but I sure didn't get any tips!

I'm A Waiter

Tonight, I'm a waiter
Tomorrow, I'm not,
What is the difference?
I won't be here in this spot,
Catering to
That man with a switch,
He makes an announcement
"Hey Buddy, I've got an itch".

But he's not really helpless
He worked 5 weeks ago,
He didn't break any bones
He had an earache, to show,
But it morphed and it broiled
And seeped into his neck,
Now he's landlocked and bedded
The train crashed, he's the wreck.

Twenty minutes times three
That's 3 calls an hour,
He's 27 years old
And he must have more power,
Than the strength of his thumbs
Dancing Salsa on the call-light,
"Yes sir, what do you need"?
It will be a long night.


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