Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yes, the talk of the town, and the rumblings of gossip all revolve around the building of the new tower/wing. When will it open? Who will work there? What version of ICU will occupy the new 22-bed critical-care floor? Of course, since we're nurses, the rumor-mill is hitting about 200 mph by now. Heck, even the rumors are spawning children. Anyway, I have some ideas about what's really happening, but as usual, it's just So Much Talk.

So Much Talk

It's a brand new tower
And there's so much talk,
About the circles and arrows
And colored chalk,
The fancy new beds
With the bariatric lifts,
Which Sister Euphemia claims
Are the most blessed gifts.

There are all kinds of new gizmo's
Both high-tech and low,
There are new communicators
That track where you go,
There's a lock on the doors
So the thieves don't get in,
And Sister Euphemia claims
It will protect us from sin.

There are mumblings and grumblings
Regarding which I-C-U,
Will stake claim to the veranda
With the most wonderful view,
While powerbrokers gamble
With buffalo chips and more,
The bookies in Vegas are
Handicapping the score.

Seniority claims
And back-slapping buyouts,
Brownie point redemptions
And cheerleader tryouts,
Ballot box stuffing
To influence their score,
Everyone bargaining
In the back of the store.

Sister Euphemia consoles
With a positive focus,
Casting prayers right and left
With a little hocus-pocus,
All will be well
As ends well, she states,
Now, just get back to work
And don't test the fates.

It's a brand new tower
But it's not open yet,
Who will win the right to work there?
Is anyone's bet.


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