Sunday, October 11, 2009

Even in the workplace, or perhaps that is the only place where this topic arises, there might be a discussion whether what is best, to leave the toilet seat up, or down, following it's use. Let's examine that once again:

A Fair Compromise

Toilet seat up
Or toilet seat down?
There are different opinions
In hospital town.

Like an open-faced sandwich
Or a pan that's too hot,
Some like the lid up
On their chamber pot.

While others will argue
The lid should be seated,
And hey, while we're at it
Why not have it heated?

It's a quandary and conundrum
All rolled into one,
And no agreement or bargain
Shall likely be done.

I propose, year by year
We choose one or the other,
A fair compromise
For sister and brother,
But on that off year
When it's lifted again,
Be careful, in a hurry
That you don't fall in.


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