Wednesday, July 08, 2009

This shouldn't be an issue, in our line of work, but believe me, it is. Trust. Who can I trust, when the rubber hits the road. When the Sht hits the fan, or when I am away from the bedside. It isn't always about being untrustworthy, but rather, someone who may lack common sense, or has yet to develop their critical-thinking skills. The danger in this case, lies in the fact, that the person in question, doesn't realize they "have a problem". After all, when you don't know what you don't know, by golly, you don't know Jack!

And Jack is dangerous!!!

Thick and Thin

Who can you trust
When your IV bag runs dry,
Let's just say you're out to lunch
And your patient could possibly die,
You surely expect to hope
That fellow nurses on your crew,
Will walk into that room
And know exactly what to do.

Who can you trust
When the ventilator tubing comes apart,
You're on a trip to the pharmacy
And your patient isn't smart,
He dislodged the vital tubing
And now his lungs no longer inflate,
Can you trust the members of your crew
Before it is too late?

Who do you trust
When you need a vital favor,
You're so busy with one patient
And cherry is the flavor,
Do you query anybody
Or single out, one or two,
The ones you know, through thick and thin
Would do the same as you.

Who do you trust at work
It should be any person,
In this critical-care arena
If we don't cooperate, patient's worsen,
But after all is said
And most of all, is done,
Who I trust, is selective
It isn't everyone.


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