Monday, July 27, 2009

This is no particular complaint about a specific person, but rather, just inspiration from something Ms. B said today. It does seem at times, that the shift was 15 minutes long, after a grueling 12-hour report!

15 Minute Shift

It was a 15-minute shift
After that horrendous 12-hour report,
43,200 seconds
While I listened to him suck and snort,
About the complicated events
Between the beginning and the end,
It seems like the dude was on offense
And I was the one to defend.

It seemed like a long 15 minutes
While you gave your 12 hour rendition,
How those bastards in Pharmacy processing
Could care less about someone’s condition,
You ranted, and railed and you moaned
And you simply just ran out of time,
There’s no one who works, quite as hard as you do
You’re a savior amidst all of this crime.

It was a long 15 minute triathlon of pain
After the 12-hour report from south Hell,
We’re lucky that anyone is left standing
Your oration could crack a coconut shell,
I survived because I always wear earplugs
When I know that you’re headed my way,
But who did I piss off, I'd just like to know
To earn this kind of punishment today?


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