Friday, July 24, 2009

There are times when a simple 12-hour shift can seem to last 24 hours in duration. Last night was one such night. I had to transport the blob (1950's Horror movie), to Nuclear medicine for a WBC scan. The blob had an anxiety attack during the procedure, and if you've ever seen the movie, you already know it is difficult to communicate with water. It just isn't like those Timothy Leary moments from the sixties, where I floated on a lotus flower, talked to the colored orbs in the sky, and chanted "Om" in reverse, which came out as "Moo". Oops, maybe you missed the 60's!?!

Anyways, luckily the reader never knows if I'm actually relating something from real life, or if I'm still on some kind of acid trip.

Regardless, if you've worked with many horrid conditions, you certainly have met up with Ms. Anna Sarca. She hangs around and makes your life miserable.

Criminal Edema

He has criminal edema
It's coming out his ears,
Even Anna Sarca
Almost came to tears,

It's a crime against his passion
Perpetrated on his life,
A transgression of such proportion
That he wished he had a knife,

An insidious attack
That caused him such rancor,
It weighed upon his body
Like a 300 pound anchor,

He's a blob in the bed
A jellyfish on the shore,
Like a gasping guppy monster
That I dream of when I snore.

Because he suffers, oh he does
From edema on the run,
Escaped from Alcatraz
He'll tell you it's no fun,
To have your skin weep wonky water
You can't drink it, that's for sure,
And although it's the 21st century
Ask a doctor, there's no cure.

He has criminal edema
America's Most Wanted?
It's not him,
Though he has a proper future
Filling swimming pools;
To swim.


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