Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Someday, in the far reaches of your career, you will look back and recognize that one special person, was your nursing soul-mate. I know who mine is, although we no longer work together. However, I know that if we were to be reunited in the work setting, incredible things could, and no doubt, would happpen. Our assessment and technical skills were complimentary, we were always looking out for each other and most importantly, mutually focused on the most advantageous outcome for the patient.
Sometimes I go to work, look around, and long for just one more shared work day, with my old friend.


Sixteen years now
And I've figured it out,
You were my Nursing soul-mate
Without a doubt,

No one since
Has had your tools,
You were my balance
When we were surrounded by fools.
My sounding board
Whether wrong or right,
We could face any disaster
In the darkest of night.

'Tis a rare opportunity
To work with someone like you,
Nothing could stop us
When there was a job to do,
Under the circumstances given
The best outcome was guaranteed,
What might have been a hemorrage
Became a small bleed.

Now all these years later
When I scan the scene before me,
Searching for a comrade
Whom I can always trust,
I wish that you were there
To share the vision that I see,
With your fine tuned assessment skills
We can both decide, success or bust.

If ever we are reunited
I'm sure the years will melt away,
I know you're still working the circuit
As I do, to this day,
We'll talk about the old times
And share our aches and pain,
I'll check you out, for the kinds of injuries
That leave a permanent stain.

And when we part, I'll feel whole again
Like those years so long ago,
Reminded that your spirit is with me
In every episode of this show.


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