Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I suppose that some of you must have heard about the latest and greatest can-opener,that is circulating the country. It's called, "The Nursing Bundle". I'm sure all of you have experienced something like this before, where your hospital organization believed the need for greater efficiency, and dollars saved, carried a higher importance than what was happening directly at the bedside.

Sure, I know, the "new" ideas are always couched in cool new slogans, and psycho-babble business speak. Another way of recognizing these insidious trends, are all the catchy Acronyms that the trainers sling around, like cheap 19-cent hamburgers, and would you like some fries with that, Honey?

I'll tell you what........Sister Euphemia has always been a sucker for this stuff, and there's no pulling the blinders away from her eyes; but why worry when we all know, the pockets of her habit are deep and lined with green.

Let's get to the story, the way that only I can tell it, ok?

The Nursing Bundle

The Nursing Bundle
I'm glad I missed it,
But from what I've heard
I could have kissed it,
Though all in all
It makes me wonder,
Should I have gone?
Did I commit a blunder?

I too, could have tasted
The Acronym soup,
With it's endless supply of
Loopedy loop,
Those inspirational moments
When ideas start firing,
And I give up the idea
Of maybe retiring,
Because, where else could I go
To get ideas like this,
The Nursing Bundle Workshop
Was not one to miss.

I can merely report
Third person, quite respected,
Why heck, I'm so jealous
That I wasn't selected,
But they told me the following
Version of truth,
Quite probably embellished
With 3 glasses of Vermouth.

We came with our questions
They were answered and more,
We received a lovely binder
And a "high-five" at the door,
They said, "Thank you, for coming"
There's so much you can learn,
Quite frankly I wondered
Just how much did they earn,
For a gig such as this
It has to be sweet,
Driving all around the country
With an expense account to beat.

I guess that's what you do
After your bedside tour,
Go from hospital to hospital
Selling the marketing cure,
The ploy to bring dollars
And a shine to our reputation,
The bread and butter, of repeat customers
Earns a standing ovation.

Ask Nielsen and Johnson
Because they measure the stats,
If we score near one hundred
There will be bonuses for those cats,
Sitting high in their offices
Running the numbers for this quarter,
And, "By the way" they admonished
"Keep the overtime shorter".

Now those Bosses, who are nurses
Tap their feet and giggle,
Knowing that years behind the desk
Have only added to their wiggle,
While visions of floor nurses
Dance in their heads,
Imagining how their staff
Will chant slogans, while making beds,
For their clients every morning
To boost morale and good feeling,
Yes, that's what is most important
Second fiddle, comes the healing.

Nursing Bundle is our friend
That's the take-home message, I guess,
Sister Euphemia, likes the idea
If it will clean up this mess.


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