Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cancer Cardiology

As has been my custom for many years, I attend a community Medical CME, get inspired and write some rhymer silliness. Well, I need to keep my own CE's up, and I attended a half day Oncology Update conference just yesterday. Here's what happened; 3 minor moments in time.

Slap a tumor
Is what he said,
Spank a tumor
To make it dead.

Profiling mutations
Sequencing genes,
'Tis incredibly confusing
What it all means.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Precision Medicine
Who came up with that?
Sounds like "evidence based medicine"
Already in the hat,
Every ten years
We need new terminology,
Describing the same old ideas
It's a type of psychology,
Revered by intellectuals
Providing fodder for conversation,
While statistically the outcomes
Undergo inflation.
__ __ ___ _ __ _

He's a big word man
The words roll off his tongue
Convolutedly idyllic,
Loves to hear himself talk
Hoarding the time,
Thank god I found a way
To make it all rhyme.
_ _ _ _ _ _ 

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Old FoolRN said...

One of your very best!