Tuesday, May 15, 2018


This is not remotely related to anything medical, or nursing, or what? However, as I was at work last evening with my pals, I received a text/photo from my daughter. The photo appeared to show a squirrel in a toilet, and quite frankly I was aghast, while assuming it a prank. Well, it turned out to be true, and I wish I had been there, or not.

Squirrel in the toilet
How did that happen?
Thank the Lord I wasn't sitting
And having a crappen,
That would have scared my pants off
But they already were,
A squirrel in the toilet
Crap! How did that occur?

Squirrel in the toilet
Doing the backstroke?
Diving for dollars?
Man, this is no joke,
Must have fallen from the ceiling
The H-VAC vent beckoned,
Took a swan dive in the toilet
That's what I reckoned.

Squirrel in the toilet
Is a crazy event,
A picture, not precious
Luckily, no scent,
Looked like a monster
Glaring up from the bottom,
Had he been sitting on the bed
I probly woulda shot him.

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