Monday, January 08, 2018

Crazy Wombats

The public, the client, the patient; come in all kinds of nice or crazy. Sure, they gotta be nervous about dire unknown outcomes and the like, but still, why not be friendly, pleasant and appreciative? After all, we're just trying to help.

They said over and over
"Now, please don't forget,
If you remember this thing
We will be in your debt".

And each time after that
They said it again,
It would have been better
On occasion, now and then.

If you will, tell the doctor
The nurses and the tech,
Uncle Bob has a problem
His kidneys are a wreck,
Please measure the contrast
As careful as can be;
I said, yes I will do that
It's important, I can see.

When Hector from Transport
Came into the room,
Aunt Mary looked at him
All dire and doom,
And once again launched
The tale of the kidney,
Like a crazy old wombat
Down Under, from Sidney.

Later on, after
Man, they wanted to book,
Uncle Bob and Mary
They just had that look,
Like coming down here
Was all a mistake,
A couple Wombats from Sidney
That stepped on a snake.

We bend over backwards
Primp and placate,
Give them sausage and capers
On porcelain plate,
But some of them leave
Good behavior at home,
Instead of proper manners
They spray crazy foam.

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