Wednesday, May 24, 2017

One Ideal Leads to Another

Nice and proper, litigation averse charting; that's what we are taught.

Pretty Nice Terms

All of us are coached
In Nursing school class,
To say anal discomfort
Not a pain in the ass,
We say, you are combative
Not a son of a bitch,
Your wife is unruly
Not a low class witch.

Yes, we pamper our language
In pretty nice terms,
You are infected with Ascaris
Better known as worms,
You ate uncooked pork
With your fermented grain,
Acquiring Cysticercosis
Larvae in the brain.

We leave it to you
To tell your wonderful story,
Hello, Social Media
For your fame and glory,
You don’t need good looks
Just take a picture of your worm,
You’ll get millions of likes
And make everyone squirm.

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Patty Stottlemyer said...

My favorite