Friday, April 21, 2017

Trust Someone

Trust that my awareness is on my patient's on the job

Who is the first
To get up from their chair,
When alarms are ringing
This is the one
I can probably trust,
They are listening
Because we must.

To be your Nurse
Means that my awareness,
Should be totally focused
On you, in all fairness,
Because we are here
To attend to your needs,
If my attention wanders
Maybe somebody bleeds.

We are duty driven
And morally inspired,
To perform at our best
Until retired.

Turn off your devices
When you come to work,
Check later for updates
Don't be a jerk,
Secretly viewing
When you know you shouldn't,
We could fire you
Don't think that we wouldn't,
You reviewed the policy
On your hire date,
Electronic entertainment
Is tantalizing bait,
That could lead you to
The unemployment line,
When Billy Bob is calling
In room ninety-nine.

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