Monday, April 10, 2017

My (hopeless) Journey

MyJourney is the name of the software application that delivers the bulk of our required yearly hospital education. It is nothing like a journey, it is not a vacation, and we certainly don't get to choose the island. I discovered today, I can do it all in the safety of my home........and they better pay me for it, too.

Oh, I'm such a happy
Old fool,
Lying here
Next to the pool,
Spending the day
On MyJourney,
Wishing instead
I was an attorney.

I could bill for
Hundreds of dollars an hour,
While sipping away
On whiskey sours,
Dreaming of sugarplums
Dancing at the bank,
Instead I'm on MyJourney
In a blitzkrieg tank.

Firing away
At educational objectives,
I don't have much choice
To be very selective,
If I don't show effort
Or participation,
I'll be, persona non grata
At my nursing station.

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